Underfloor Heating in Hornchurch & London

Underfloor heating has rapidly grown in popularity for homeowners and is considered by many to be a must have feature in their home. It offers the perfect way to comfortably warm your home, because all the heating is evenly distributed through the specific room or rooms, freeing up space that would have been used for radiators.

AC Plumbing’s Gas Safe registered engineers are experienced in the installation, repair and maintenance of underfloor heating systems in homes and businesses throughout Essex. Underfloor heating can be installed anywhere around your property, and people commonly have it installed in their bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories. The options with underfloor heating are endless, because you have the ability to combine the underfloor heating with your existing central heating.

We will be happy to discuss through what underfloor heating options that are available to you and help give you a clear understanding of how it works. A common misconception about underflooring heating is that the process of its installation is disruptive. Our team are incredibly experienced in their installation, ensuring that minimal mess is made as they

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